The isolation

It’s the world we live in during self-isolation – our world. Just us left to our imaginations and thoughts. But living in our own world can be a dangerous thing. You start thinking; thoughts taking shape and gradually those grotesque molds extending into actions. You can forget reality, convincing yourself what you perceive now isContinue reading “The isolation”

The voice and the girl (Part 3)

Day 25711:45 PM Dear Diary, It is day two hundred and fifty-seven in hell. I’m still here. Just as hopeless; just as confused, and just as lonely as the first day. There are constant thuds against the outer walls. Sometimes, so feeble that I feel I’m imagining it and sometimes so loud that it shattersContinue reading “The voice and the girl (Part 3)”

The voice and the girl (Part 2)

“Your seat is 9A to the right, sir”, the air hostess spoke nonchalantly as I entered the plane and flashed my boarding ticket. 9A it is! I’ll just read my book, eat something, and relax. So, basically, you’re just going to sleep. The voice judged. It was a 5-hour long flight. I reached for my seat. IContinue reading “The voice and the girl (Part 2)”

The voice and the girl (Part 1)

I’m at the airport. The flight is delayed. Again. I’m still standing in front of the display board. I checked the flight number on my boarding pass and rematched it with the display. First, in disbelief and then, out of helplessness. ‘You just checked it! How can you not remember it? No problem. It happensContinue reading “The voice and the girl (Part 1)”

Uninspiring Inspirational Quotes

I used to think inspirational quotes are indeed inspirational. However, they are not. Just a bunch of words quoted wittily together oozing out the impression of wisdom. A conventional wisdom that is designed to play with one’s cognitive bias. Therefore, here is a list of actual life experiences. Even though almost everything is plagiarized, I haveContinue reading “Uninspiring Inspirational Quotes”

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