Free Fall

Nights are getting longer;
days colder.
Vessel of void; lonelier.
Plunged into whirlpool,
a routine of rote.
Fog and bleeding moonlight:
beautiful yet annihilating.

A perpetual descending.
One hope at a time.
Downward and lower
but not all the way,
leaving behind sad silt –
a residual life.

A double-edged sword
Piercing only inward.
Holding the beads.
Like lost clouds
on an overcast evening;
together but fragmented:
Life’s one big sunset.

Dreams tiring
and surreptitiously ailing.
Worse, it feels real now.
Calling me out of my mind.
To crawl back home;
beaten and defeated.
A long but ineludible wait.

Simplest actions forbidding;
Every task enormous.
Pushed out of ash,
but without flesh
An unsettling thirst –
to want everything.
Yet dangerously close
to wanting nothing.


The to-and-fro

Don’t think this night has been a loss!Every night I have hung, like god, upon the cross. It can be a surly business in the bright day of trying: contention and contestation; Of misplaced faiths and broken things. Misconstrued message and lost letters. Words of honour – the now and never. The mulish marathon ofContinue reading “The to-and-fro”


I yearn for a timeDream-catchers above pillowwhere faith in fairy made senseAnd unicorns and rainbow To get lost in questfind elixir and crocks of goldskim the fountain of youthstories like grandma told If only I canbring her back and her storyAnd trade my medallions of Virgin Mary.

A dead surmise

This is it. One step forward and the endless loop is broken. The need to put an end to myriad inconsequential affairs has never been so profound. Are we sure we are doing this? We should. This is our moment. It is a lovely morning. Though it is just as lonely the day, my wife diedContinue reading “A dead surmise”

The isolation

It’s the world we live in during self-isolation – our world. Just us left to our imaginations and thoughts. But living in our own world can be a dangerous thing. You start thinking; thoughts taking shape and gradually those grotesque molds extending into actions. You can forget reality, convincing yourself what you perceive now isContinue reading “The isolation”


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Published by Anoop

Actor/Writer/Philosopher/Activist- No Sir, I'm none of that. A cog in the wheel, surviving and serving my notice period of death. And yeah, I have a very positive outlook on life. Cheers!

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